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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Vegetable Garden Update...

This weeks Vegetable Garden update may seem slightly chaotic...well that is exactly how we all feel with the momentom of spring hitting us at full force. But it is welcomed with open arms. The early pototes are emerging, so we have removed the straw, allowing them to grow a little more until they are ready to be earthed up. As you can see in our, already packed, melon house lots of lushious looking green shoots everywhere including the beans which are flying ahead therefore, the boys have started to erect the canes for them to ramble their way up and around. You can also see lots of salad leaves, annual flower seedling to line the apple arch, onion trays and plenty more. The other construction work the boys have been getting their muscling in to this week has been removing the wooden posts and replacing them with more durable and traditional looking angle iron pillars in improve the overall image of the Victorian vegetable walled garden.

1 comment:

  1. For me, the garden does not really look that chaotic. I would rather say that it is full of life. Things really get a bit busy as spring comes forth because it’s the best weather to take advantage of having your plants grow best. It’s nice to see all the progress from your garden. I’m actually looking forward to more updates. All the best! :D
    Erika Stokes @ Grindes Garden Center